Chasing Amy

From the Quick Stop in Clerks to the mall in Mallrats, Kevin Smith finally set his sights beyond small town New Jersey (sort of) in this third film, 1997’s Chasing Amy. Returning somewhat to the indie sensibility of Clerks when compared to the broader style of Mallrats, this sees Smith tackle a slightly different genre... Continue Reading →


After watching Clerks and Clerks 2 in the last couple of weeks, and wanting something reasonably lighthearted after a busy weekend, I thought I’d jump back to Kevin Smith’s direct follow up to his debut, 1995’s Mallrats. Taking us back to small town New Jersey once more there’s a lot here that sees Smith continuing... Continue Reading →

Clerks 2

Some twelve years after establishing his reputation with the uber-indie movie Clerks, Kevin Smith returned to The Quick Stop and Leonardo, New Jersey in 2006 to catch up with Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson) for Clerks 2. Starting out with the Quick Stop convenience store being burnt out by a fire as Dante... Continue Reading →

Clerks (1994)

With a third instalment of Kevin Smith’s series of movies about a pair of guys working in retail due for imminent arrival I thought I’d go back to the 1994 original for the first time in a while and see how Clerks holds up nearly 30 years on from release (though I probably didn’t actually... Continue Reading →

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Recently, when writing about David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, I referenced how it felt like an unlikely companion to Billy Wilder’s 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, and that I should watch it again soon, so now I have. Opening, rather famously (as I guess many things about this film are), with a body floating in the swimming... Continue Reading →

Reservoir Dogs

If you’ve followed my writing for a while you’ll probably have picked up that I’m a long standing fan of Quentin Tarantino’s films but, up to now, I hadn’t written a full review of his debut Reservoir Dogs as it has been a good long while since I last gave it a proper watch. Well... Continue Reading →

The Filth And The Fury: A Sex Pistols Film

After recently watching the Danny Boyle adaptation of Sex Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones autobiography, Pistol, on Disney+ I thought it was time to go back and revisit Julien Temple’s 2000 documentary on the band, The Filth And The Fury. After finding somewhere online I could actually watch the film, as it seems to be one... Continue Reading →

Django (1966)

As Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 cult spaghetti western, Django, begins with an unnamed man in a black Union Army uniform dragging a coffin through a field of mud, the tone of the next hour and half is well set as one of uncompromising bleakness - even if the accompanying iconic theme song maybe doesn’t quite suggest... Continue Reading →

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