Black Panther

Before heading in to see Marvel's latest offering, I will admit to having been a bit worn out by the seemingly constant influx of comic book movies from both that studio and rivals, DC. Black Panther though had, in some ways, piqued my interest simply by being an (almost, he did speak in Civil War)... Continue Reading →

Stephen King’s IT (1990)

So after reading the novel and seeing the 2017 film from Andy Muschietti, I thought it only right give Tommy Lee Wallace's take on the story a watch. Arguably the most famous version of Stephen King's tale of an evil spirit in the small town of Derry, Maine and a group of children (and later... Continue Reading →

Darkest Hour

Following much fanfare and after hearing about Brian Cox's take (in Churchill) and seeing John Lithgow's particularly impressive version (in The Crown) I came to Joe Wright's latest film, Darkest Hour, starring an almost unrecognisable Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. The story focuses on the few days leading up to the evacuation of Dunkirk (making... Continue Reading →

Hollywood by Charles Bukowski

Hollywood has many faces, as I've recently seen with a rewatch of La La Land and The Decline of Western Civilisation, but its most famous is, of course, the film industry. Famously led by an insular network of producers and 'money men' who employ directors, actors and, here most crucially, writers (amongst others) to create... Continue Reading →


A number of movies regularly appear at or near the top of lists of 'best films', from Citizen Kane to The Shawshank Redemption to The Godfather. One though that always stands out to me is Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller, Vertigo. The reason it stands out is quite how dark its story is, particularly for the... Continue Reading →

Children of Men

When Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men opened in cinemas in 2006, while it came with a strong reputation I have to admit by being put of by the presence of Clive Owen. While a good actor I have always found him hard to get on with on-screen and so with a couple of exceptions have... Continue Reading →

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