The Big Lebowski

Where does one start with the Coen Brothers take on neo-noir, The Big Lebowski? Since its release it has often been hailed as a classic (though I'm sure it has its share of naysayers) and has become one of the most quotable films in recent memory. I've seen it a good number of times and... Continue Reading →

Tiger Army – V…-

In their near 20 years as a band Tiger Army have continually defied the generic stereotypes of their chosen style, while none the less continuing, in many ways, to be impossible to describe as anything but a psychobilly band. While their first two albums certainly fell into this category the third and fourth began to... Continue Reading →

Gangster Squad

It seems Friday nights at the cinema and films set within the Los Angeles Police Department that I have totally missed are becoming a trend – following End of Watch a couple of weeks back tonight it was time for Gangster Squad. The first thing I noticed about the film was the cast list on... Continue Reading →

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