NXT Greatest Matches: Volume 1

Over the last four years NXT, WWE’s ‘super-indie’ (to quote Jim Smallman of Progress Wrestling and the Tuesday Night Jaw podcast), has gone from being a training ground for stars of the future to one of the most respected and interesting wrestling brands or promotions in its own right. Taking a lot of the conventions... Continue Reading →

Wilko Johnson – Live at Koko

I will admit its taken me a while to get around to watching The Wilko Johnson Band’s Live At Koko DVD but, having seen him live on the same tour, literally inches away from me at The Fermain Tavern, some distance and perspective was needed. In this case that distance and perspective has given the... Continue Reading →

Iron Maiden – Maiden England ’88 (DVD)

Over the last few years, between new albums, Iron Maiden have delved into their back catalogue to resurrect certain eras from their past and have released the corresponding contemporary shows on DVD to go with them. The latest in this series, following on from 2004’s compilation and documentary The Early Years and 2008’s Live After... Continue Reading →

Fist of Fun – Series 1

17 years after the event I’ve finally got hold of the first series of Fist of Fun on DVD, but could it live up to my memories? I clearly remember watching Fist of Fun during my early secondary school days when it was broadcast on BBC2 and it filled an area of my TV memory... Continue Reading →

ECW: Unreleased Vol. 1

WWE keep up the high standard of their output from the “land of the extreme” with this ‘first’ compilation of matches from the now defunct, but still ground breaking, promotion. For a pro-wrestling fan of my particular vintage the output of the original Extreme Championship Wrestling holds a certain special place in my heart and... Continue Reading →

WWE – The Best of King of the Ring

WWE present a flawed but still fascinating look back at their King of the Ring tournaments and pay-per-view shows on this new DVD collection. Reviewing anything to do the ‘sport’ of professional wrestling is always a challenge due to the very nature of the product itself, but that said I’m going to have a go... Continue Reading →

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