Frank Zappa is one of those musicians it feels like I’ve just always known about, however he’s not someone I’ve ever really consciously listened to or actually, it turns out, known that much about. My knowledge of Zappa then pretty much went that he was a musician who, with his band The Mothers Of Invention,... Continue Reading →

Jim And Andy: The Great Beyond

Earlier in the year I watched Milos Forman’s 1999 biopic of Andy Kaufman, the Jim Carrey starring, Man On The Moon and, while I didn’t find the greatest film ever made, there’s no denying Carey’s performance was something unique so why it’s taken me quite so long to get to Jim And Andy: The Great... Continue Reading →

The Beatles: Get Back

Over on the film ranking app Letterboxd it’s par for the course to give movies a star rating out of five (something you’ll notice I don’t do here), but when it came to giving a rating for Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back I was left somewhat stumped as it is such a unique viewing... Continue Reading →

The Sparks Brothers

Sparks are one of those bands I’ve always known about but never really been sure how much I know by them - aside from that first appearance on Top Of The Pops playing This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us in the mid 1970s (I must have seen it on TOTP2) I... Continue Reading →

350 Days: Legends. Champions. Survivors

If there’s one thing the advent of podcasts and crowd funding has taught us it’s that fans of pro-wrestling love listening to their heroes telling their stories about as much as those heroes love telling them, and that’s exactly what 350 Days: Legends. Champions. Survivors is all about. Named for the apparent number of days... Continue Reading →

Hail Satan?

Given its subject it's probably no surprise if you follow my blog that Penny Lane's 2019 documentary Hail Satan? has been on my watch list for sometime. That said, as I hit play on Netflix tonight, I still didn't really know what to expect from it as the subject matter, on the surface, could easily... Continue Reading →


Throughout 2019 I probably saw more than my fair share of films and TV programmes about the moon landings and the Apollo mission, given it was the 50th anniversary of the first, but one thing that was often absent was much about the lives of the men who rode the Saturn V and particularly the... Continue Reading →

Apollo 11

50 years ago one of the most astonishing technical achievements in human history took place as, for the first time, three men went to the moon and two of them walked on its surface. Whatever has happened since then, Apollo 11 remains a remarkable landmark in human history and now, as part of the 50th... Continue Reading →

For All Mankind

I've always had a fascination with the Moon and the NASA Apollo missions that saw man visit our nearest celestial neighbour, I think fuelled by my dad's interest as he was the perfect age to have seen the first moon landing as it happened back in 1969. The fact then that I had never seen,... Continue Reading →

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