Knives Out

It's hard to avoid the fact that, increasingly, every time I go to the cinema the film I'm seeing is based on something else, is part of a larger whole or, simply, is just intentionally over complicated by things outside of the movie. Rian Johnson's latest, Knives Out, then is a refreshing antidote to this... Continue Reading →


Expectation is a curious thing and, with more than half a century under its belt, the James Bond series of films is one that brings more than almost any other with it. For Spectre, Daniel Craig’s fourth outing and Sam Mendes second as director, this was compounded by following up probably the most widely positively... Continue Reading →

Everything Or Nothing

Released to not only cash in with the release of Skyfall, but also the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movies, Everything Or Nothing (which takes it’s title from the name of Cubby Broccoli’s production company EON who make the Bond movies) takes a look back at the history of 007, specifically on film, but... Continue Reading →


I may be fairly late to the dance on this one, but here we go, I have, at last, got round to seeing the latest in the James Bond series – Skyfall. From the start I’m going to say I think this is probably in my top 4 Bond movies (though I’m not sure where... Continue Reading →

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