August 2021 Playlist

Click here to go straight to the playlist Can’t believe it’s already been a month, August has been a crazy one with loads going on musically for me and here’s a flavour of it. Let’s start with the brand new stuff I’ve got new tracks from Coastal Fire Dept, HOWL and Dan Ashplant with other... Continue Reading →

Dan Ashplant – No Nonsense

A few weeks ago an album launch show happened that was something of a surprise to mark the release of the debut album from Dan Ashplant, No Nonesense. On the night Ashplant played a majority of the record live (playing lead guitar and singing along to a self recorded backing track) but now I’ve finally... Continue Reading →

Music in Guernsey in 2019

After a couple of years where music in Guernsey had upped its game, across the board, to a level that continues to surprise many visitors to the island, or those who hear Guernsey based bands when they venture away, 2019 has had to me a slightly different feel. While the quality of music certainly hasn't... Continue Reading →

Dan Ashplant – King Of The Country Road

With the abundance of music schools in Guernsey giving young musicians a chance to explore things away from the traditional classical basis of the school's music service, it's no surprise that more and more youngsters are once again forming bands or creating their own music. One such performer is Dan Ashplant who recently released a... Continue Reading →

Playlist – February 2019

Of all my monthly playlists so far this one feels possibly the most varied, spanning everything from first wave black metal to a brand new, self-released debut country EP. A few particular highlights comes with Mastodon's Blood And Thunder as I experienced live at the end of January when I caught the band at Brixton... Continue Reading →

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