The Wildhearts – Remember These Days

Two years since their last new album, Renaissance Men (there has been the 30th anniversary live album in between), The Wildhearts are back with Remember These Days, a single to give a little preview of their upcoming new album 21st Century Love Songs (due in September). With the band once again consisting of the so-called... Continue Reading →

January 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen on Spotify A new year and so a new list, you can still find my one for 2020 on Spotify here, but I’ll start a new one for 2021. It’s been a busy month musically again with live stuff (until last weekend at least), new tunes from the islands and old... Continue Reading →

CJ Wildheart – Siege

2020 has definitely been the year when the ‘lockdown record’ (or lockdown album, EP or single) has become a recognisable thing, so, adding their work to that canon, comes CJ Wildheart with new album Siege. In past, from bands like The Jellies and CJ & The Satellites to a few more recent solo albums, CJ... Continue Reading →

The Wildhearts – Diagnosis (mini-album)

Less than five months since they release Renaissance Men, their first album in a decade, The Wildhearts are back again with a mini-album, Diagnosis, taking one previously released track and adding five new ones recorded in a more recent session (oh, and in between Ginger Wildheart found time to put out solo album Headzapoppin too).... Continue Reading →

The Wildhearts – Renaissance Men

Ten years on from their last album, Chutzpah, The Wildhearts have been back in the studio and created Renaissance Men, an album that at once harks back to old glories while defiantly looking forward and presenting something fresh and new - not bad around three decades since they first formed. Obviously I'm a big fan... Continue Reading →

The Wildhearts – Dislocated (single)

Ten years ago, when The Wildhearts released their last album Chutzpah, the very concept of their 'classic' line up (Ginger, CJ, Ritch and Danny - who recorded much of PHUQ and toured Earth Vs...) reforming was unimaginable. Now though, several solo and side projects and a slew of excellent live shows together later, that's exactly... Continue Reading →

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