Knives Out

It's hard to avoid the fact that, increasingly, every time I go to the cinema the film I'm seeing is based on something else, is part of a larger whole or, simply, is just intentionally over complicated by things outside of the movie. Rian Johnson's latest, Knives Out, then is a refreshing antidote to this... Continue Reading →

Avengers: Endgame (4DX Presentation)

So here we are twenty-two films in and the Marvel Cinematic Universe reaches the end of its first complete saga with Avengers: Endgame. Beginning back in Iron Man and continuing through several 'phases' it has traced the formation of the Avengers and the arrival of the first true threat to the universe they have faced,... Continue Reading →

Captain America: Civil War

Thirteen films in to the series, how much more is there really to be said about Marvel’s ongoing output? Well, looking at Captain America: Civil War (the third Captain America film, thirteenth MCU film and arguably, third Avengers movie) there are two sides to this; one is that its very much more of the same,... Continue Reading →

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Following the massive disappointment that is Thor: The Dark World and the massive sense of let down I felt on re-watching The Avengers it was going to take some work to get me back onside with Marvel Studios output. Certainly Guardians of the Galaxy went someway to achieving that, but, with its irreverence and general... Continue Reading →

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