September 2022 Playlist

Even having been a bit less active this month I’ve still had lots of music going on from a range of sources to add to my playlist which you can listen to on Spotify by clicking here. When it comes to new stuff I’ve got tracks from Sick Militia, Volleyball, Charles Stenner and The Interrupters,... Continue Reading →

July 2022 Playlist

Its a bumper update this month despite (or possibly because of) being laid up with you know what for part of it, if you want to just go and listen then click here to head to Spotify. Chaos happened at the tail end of last month so gets reflected here with the new one from... Continue Reading →

Little Earthquakes – EP 1

The last few months have seen Charles Stenner reestablish himself on Guernsey’s music scene with a string of stand out performances including at the Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club and in The Peace Tent at Chaos 17 but before that he was based out of Whistler, British Columbia in Canada and, while there, produced a series... Continue Reading →

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