A few months ago I read Hollywood, Charles Bukowksi's semi-fictionalised account of writing and being involved with the production of a movie, so I thought it was time I have a look at the movie the book was about... Barfly. Even in the opening credits things feel at odds as we see the film is... Continue Reading →

Hollywood by Charles Bukowski

Hollywood has many faces, as I've recently seen with a rewatch of La La Land and The Decline of Western Civilisation, but its most famous is, of course, the film industry. Famously led by an insular network of producers and 'money men' who employ directors, actors and, here most crucially, writers (amongst others) to create... Continue Reading →

Ham On Rye by Charles Bukowski

Having explored some of the writings of the Beat Generation, particularly works by Kerouac and Ginsberg and some from Cassady and Burroughs, one name stood out amongst the related writers as something potentially a bit different but sharing some of the same head space, Charles Bukowski. So, last time I was at City Lights Bookstore... Continue Reading →

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