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BBC Introducing Day 2017

BBC Introducing 10 yearsFor the past ten years BBC Introducing has been championing new music around the UK, and at BBC Introducing Guernsey, I’ve been a part of that, officially for the last nine years.

While BBC Introducing Guernsey marked nine years last weekend (you can find out more about that here), we got involved with the 10th birthday celebrations by featuring a selection of tracks from bands and artists we’ve supported and championed, and those who’ve gone on to make their mark on a wider stage, across BBC Radio Guernsey‘s day time output.

You can listen back to all the tracks on the BBC iPlayer by visiting the BBC Radio Guernsey homepage and listening to all the shows, but here’s the list tracks featured and on which show:

Oscar Pearson
Buffalo Huddleston – Sunrise
Robyn Sherwell – Islander
The Recks – Low Life

Jenny Kendall-TobiasBBC Introducing Day artists 2017
Le Quesne – He’s An Idiot
James Dumbelton – College Boy
Buff Hudd & Flexagon – Drifting (Into The Light)
Of Empires – See You With The Angels Kid

John Randall (presented by Ollie Guillou)
Static Alice – SOS (live)
Robert J. Hunter – Bigger Things
Tantale – Wash Her In Wasps
Thee Jenerators – Guaranteed High

Islands at 5
The Space Pirates of Rocquaine – Edge of the World
mura masa – Lovesick

If you’re making music and want to upload it to BBC Introducing or just find out more and explore some of the great music being championed around the country than click here to visit the BBC Introducing main website

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BBC Introducing Guernsey: September 2017 – Of Empires and Sark Roots Festival

Of Empires and Sark Roots Festival

Of Empires and Roz & Lazlo from Sark Roots

Click here to listen to the show

As BBC Introducing prepares to celebrate its 10th birthday, BBC Introducing in Guernsey marked nine years on the air while wrapping the 2017 summer festival season for its September show.

I spoke to Jack Fletcher from Of Empires about their summer which has seen the slick rock ‘n’ roll four piece make their first foray into the UK’s mainstream festival scene with appearances at both Isle of Wight and Reading festivals thanks to promoters of all things guitar music based, This Feeling.

I also caught up with Sark Roots Festival organiser Roz following their second successful event celebrating not just the great music of the Channel Islands but all things environmental as well.

On top of that I had a brief look back at the 2017 Vale Earth Fair and, in marking the show’s birthday, a few of the tracks that have made a mark over the past decade or so.

You can listen to the show by clicking here


You can read my look back at Guernsey’s 2017 summer festival season here

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Interview on BBC Radio Guernsey – 05/09/17

Tom Girard - Picture By Steve Sarre 04-07-17

Photo by Steve Sarre, Guernsey Press

Click here to listen to the interview

In something of a switch of positions I was on the other end of the microphone on Tuesday 5th September 2017 as I headed into BBC Radio Guernsey to be interviewed.

Across an hour speaking to Euan Mahy we focussed mostly on my work with BBC Introducing and promoting music from Guernsey and the islands while also looking at how I got involved with all of that.

Along with discussions of BBC Introducing Guernsey, The Phantom Cosmonaut and more we also had time to a play a few tracks including See You With The Angels Kid by Of Empires, Low Life by The Recks and Bigger Things by Robert J. Hunter from his latest album Where I’m From.

You can listen to the interview for the next 30 days or so by clicking here (the interview starts around the 2 hours and 40 minute mark)

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BBC Introducing Guernsey: July 2017 – Chaos, Sark Folk Festival and more

Vice and Track Not Found at the BBC Introducing Guernsey studio

Vice and Track Not Found

Click here to listen to the show

On the July 2017 edition of BBC Introducing in Guernsey we had a festival special of a show with more besides.

For my look back at Chaos Voodoo 13 I spoke to the winners and runners-up of the Chaos/Sound Guernsey Battle of the Bands, VICE and track not found, while hearing music from some of the weekend’s highlight acts.

I also heard from some of the artists who played the Sark Folk Festival including Burg & The Back Porch BandJoe Corbin and Ukuladeez.

On top of that mura masa told us about releasing his self-titled debut album with a special signing at Guernsey’s HMV store and I had a brief look ahead to next month’s Vale Earth Fair.

You can listen to the show by clicking here.


And here’s a new video from The Recks that also came out this month, as a little bonus bit:

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BBC Introducing Guernsey: May 2017 – Static Alice, Mura Masa and The Recks

Static Alice - BBC Introducing Guernsey

Static Alice

Click here to listen to the show

The May 2017 edition of BBC Introducing Guernsey was a little different to usual with no live session but interviews with a range of artists and a look at the upcoming BBC Introducing Guernsey live stage on Arts Sunday.

Static Alice were my main guests as they release their new EP Warrior and told me about making the new record and their plans for the band.

Following his nomination for an Ivor Novello award and ahead of the release of his debut album we heard from mura masa (aka Guernsey-born producer Alex Crossan).

And as part of a look at the Arts Sunday event we heard from The Recks as well as featuring tracks from Thee JeneratorsTANTALEBuff Hudd and Blue Mountains

You can listen to the show for 30 on the BBC iPlayer Radio App or by clicking here.


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BBC Introducing Guernsey: April 2017 – Elliot Falla in session and Vorlon

Elliot Falla and Vorlon Daz Carre

Elliot Falla and Vorlon

Click here to listen to the show

On the April 2017 edition of BBC Introducing Guernsey I featured a pair of guests spanning the range of guitar music in Guernsey.

Elliot Falla was in session with his brand of folk influence indie-blues including tracks from his recent Throne EP and brand new songs. He also told us not only about the making of the EP but also how its been expanding his gigging away from the island following regular shows in Brighton and London over the last few months.

Vorlon on the other hand is a project from long-standing heavy metal musician Daz Carre. He told us about his new album, intense extreme metal project False Sense of Security, as well as his time playing music in the islands which began in the mid-90s and has taken in bands such as Crunchy Frog, Earthcorpse, Darker Shores, Mechanical Lobster, Nemesis and more primarily as drummer but also playing bass and guitar.

You can listen to the show for the next 30 days through the BBC iPlayer Radio App or by clicking here.

I also announced that BBC Introducing Guernsey will again be going live as part of Arts Sunday, you can find out more about that here.


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BBC Introducing Guernsey: October 2016 – The Secret Smiles and Nessi Gomes

The Secret Smiles at BBC Introducing Guernsey

Three fifths of The Secret Smiles in the studio

Click here to listen to the show

Over the years on BBC Introducing Guernsey I’ve welcomed performers back into the studio as members of different bands several times.

One such is Matt Ward who first appeared on the show back in its early days as a member of indie band The Raffle, a couple of years ago he was back as a solo performer and now, for his third appearance and session, it’s as leader of The Secret Smiles who have been carving out their own niche on the island’s music scene with their brand upbeat, melodious, indie that combines the sounds of 90s British music with hints of the 1960s pop-folk revival movement.

They played a session for us as well as telling us how the band came together and how their year has been so far as they’ve solidified their line up and begun playing some high-profile gigs on Liberation Day, the Vale Earth Fair and supporting The Recks at their return show this past weekend.

We also heard from singer-songwriter Nessi Gomes who has not only just released her debut album but also be named Best Of British Unsigned‘s female solo performer of 2016.

You can listen to the through the BBC iPlayer Radio App or by clicking here.


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BBC Introducing Guernsey: September 2016 – Citizen-X in session, Vale Earth Fair recap and autumn preview

Citizen-X on BBC Introducing Guernsey

Citizen-X in the studio

Click here to listen to the show

After a summer packed with festivals (I made it to four but there were plenty more) the September 2016 edition of BBC Introducing Guernsey looked back at the Vale Earth Fair’s 40th anniversary event while looking ahead to new music coming up as we move in autumn.

As well as that Citizen-X joined me for a live session and interview telling us about his unique approach to making music as well as playing this year’s Jersey Live festival along with The Peace Tent at Chaos and other events over the summer.

The show is available to listen to for 30 days through the BBC iPlayer Radio App or by clicking here.


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BBC Introducing Guernsey at Arts Sunday 2016

Honest Crooks

Honest Crooks

For the second year in a row BBC Introducing Guernsey headed down to the St Peter Port seafront to showcase a range of bands from the islands as part of the Guernsey Arts Commission’s Art Sunday event.

As I was ‘stage managing’ (I use the term loosely), taking photos and generally fretting about organising things, this may not be a full review but hopefully gives a bit of insight into the event.

With the seafront already busy as 100 stalls were set up selling and showcasing art of all kinds, along with a dance stage, two music school stages, the Vale Earth Fair and two dedicated music stages (including ours) the street was already busy as Gregory Harrison started the music at 11am.

Gregory Harrison

Gregory Harrison

As he has become known for Harrison delivered a set of his soulful, bluesy, acoustic songs mixing tracks from his debut EP with brand new songs that will appear on his second release that he said he hopes to record and release before the end of the year.

Being on Town’s main thoroughfare there were plenty of people passing with quite a number stopping for at least a few songs to take in Harrison’s sounds before continuing to explore the rest of the event, but every song was greeted warmly by those who chose to stop.

The energy certainly jumped a few notches as The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers hit the stage with their unique rag-time, skiffle, busking, stomp. Familiar to many for their impromptu Saturday morning performances around Town seeing and hearing the band on stage and amplified really helped to bring out their lo-fi, raucous, but above all fun musicality and performance.

The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers

The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers

All seven members had their chance to shine over their 40 minute set but lead trio of Tinshack, Gemma and Clem were certainly the focus and, with the street all but blocked by those who’d stopped to listen, The Rectory Hill Skillet Lickers certainly provided one of the day’s highlights.

The upbeat sounds continued with Honest Crooks who, even if two-thirds of them were feeling a little worse for wear after the previous night’s gig, delivered a supremely skank-worthy set that perfectly suited the increasingly sunny afternoon.

While their songs (for the most part) have a bit of a socially and politically aware edge, it never gets in the way of a good tune and the trio even got a few dancing and gently skanking along while their version of Meghan Trainor’s All About The Bass went down a storm with a slightly different edge to the original performer’s version at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter last week.

Static Alice

Static Alice

Having stormed the most recent Sound Guernsey show for under 18s Static Alice certainly brought in a crowd spanning all ages and delivered a vibrant, energetic 40 minutes of music from their debut album and follow-up EP.

Dom Ogier once again headed out into the audience and drew them into the performance while the rest of the band delivered their pop-rockers in as slick and tight a fashion as always all of which left the crowd, who’d packed the road in front of the stage, calling for more.

After such high energy things got a little more relaxed with the smooth, blues-y, rock of The Elliot Falla Trio. Once again as the set went on a crowd gathered and, while the music was a bit lighter Falla’s impassioned howl cut through and added an extra edge.

Elliot Falla

Elliot Falla

Other than a cover of the seemingly obligatory Valerie and traditional folk tune Wagon Wheel (suitably blues’d up) the rest of the set drew on Falla’s own writing including tracks from his debut EP and Nebula Eyes that he announced as having been written when he was only 13!

As the event drew to a close, and the crowds began to thin, it seemed Arts Sunday as a whole had been one of the most popular yet and with every act on the BBC Introducing Guernsey stage drawing a crowd it was great to be part of an event showcasing so much of what Guernsey has to offer in the way of the arts and particularly new music.

You can see more of my photos from the day on the BBC Introducing Guernsey Facebook page

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BBC Introducing Guernsey: May 2016 – Fly Casual and Lord Vapour

Fly Casual on BBC Introducing Guernsey

Fly Casual on BBC Introducing Guernsey

Click here to listen to the show

As we near the start of Guernsey’s festival season the May edition of BBC Introducing Guernsey was packed as I looked ahead to what was coming in the next month and had a look at was going on now.

Fly Casual joined me in the studio to play an acoustic session and talk about their return to the stage over the last year, including performing at Vale Earth Fair and Jonah Beats, as they gear up to play the main stage at Chaos 12 at the end of June.

I also spoke to Lord Vapour who have just released the digital version of their debut album, Mill Street Blues, ahead of a release on vinyl later in the year.

Lord Vapour

Lord Vapour

I also played new music from Sons Of CainSugarSlamGregory Harrison and a special live track from Robyn Sherwell recorded at a recent BBC Radio 1 show ahead of Big Weekend.

You can listen to the show by clicking here


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