Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen, The Boss, Born in the USA and Born To Run, the man who brought the New Jersey blue-collar ethic into the world of the New York rock scene. Certainly he is all of these things, but, in his autobiography, Born To Run, he does a great job tempering a tale of success beyond... Continue Reading →

Songs And Words – Ginger Wildheart (DVD)

A couple of years ago Ginger Wildheart announced a new campaign via his now well established channel on Pledgemusic to write and release a book tracing the story of his career song by song, Songs & Words. As seems to have become customary with these things the project expanded from a simple autobiographical book to... Continue Reading →

The First Third by Neal Cassady

Neal Cassady; off page progenitor of Beat, Dean Moriarty or Cody Pomeray to Kerouac’s Sal Paradise et al, inspirer (and more) of Ginsberg and Howl, godfather of psychedelic counterculture and The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test... or so legend would have it, but could all that possibly be the truth? In The First Third, Cassady himself... Continue Reading →

Yes! by Daniel Bryan and Craig Tello

Ever since Mick Foley hit the top of the New York Times bestseller list with his autobiography, Have A Nice Day, it has been de rigueur for popular professional wrestlers to tell their life stories in print. These range from the excellent, the aforementioned Foley book and Ric Flair’s To Be The Man to the... Continue Reading →

Wilko Johnson – Looking Back At Me

Reading the autobiography of Wilko Johnson at this particular time is going to be slightly affected by the guitar legend's current state of health, but I will try to overlook that in reviewing the book, though its safe to say it gives some of the stories Wilko tells an extra resonance. Starting out as a... Continue Reading →

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