Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell

Other than a mention in a list of landmark albums I’m not sure how much my appreciation for the music of Meat Loaf has been obvious across my writing here or elsewhere, but it is something that has very much informed my musical interests from when I very first started getting into any form of... Continue Reading →

Blue Velvet

Quite some time ago I set myself a challenge to work my way through David Lynch's filmography by watching one of his films a week - fairly predictably that lasted about three weeks with Eraserhead, The Elephant Man and Dune, but now, sometime (and the entirety of Twin Peaks, including Fire Walk With Me and... Continue Reading →

Western Stars

When Bruce Springsteen released his latest album, Western Stars, in June 2019 there was a rumbling of dissatisfaction from some sections of his fan base that there didn't appear to be any kind of extensive promotional tour for the record. That concern was, supposedly, answered though when a movie of the same name was released... Continue Reading →

Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars

For as long as I can remember Bruce Springsteen has been a part of my musical vocabulary, as I'm sure he is for many people born in the 1980s, however Western Stars marks the first new album from the New Jersey native since I first properly started exploring his music in any meaningful way (last... Continue Reading →

Playlist – April 2019

Another busy and varied playlist this month spanning skiffle and American folk to Neue Deutsche Härte and steampunk. A few things to point to more specifically include something from the original line up of blackened death metal band Darker Shores who soon make their return to the stage under the name Atomised, a track from... Continue Reading →

Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Four years ago Al Jourgensen's industrial metal outfit Ministry called it a day for the second time following the death of their lead guitarist Mike Scaccia with the less than stellar album From Beer To Eternity. Never one to be too predictable, or miss a chance for some belligerent rabble rousing, though, in 2018 they... Continue Reading →

Twin Peaks: The Return

25 years or so ago David Lynch and Mark Frost left television and film audiences baffled as their journey to the dark heart of Americana, Twin Peaks (and spin-off movie Fire Walk With Me), came to an end with one explanation unraveling a whole host of further questions. Now here we are in September 2017... Continue Reading →

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