June 2022 Playlist

Once again a mix of things for my June 2022 playlist which you can listen to along with all the other tracks I’ve playlisted so far this year over on Spotify by clicking here. When it comes to new stuff there’s tracks from Volleyball, Alfie Butel, Sam Brace and Mark Le Gallez. Besides those I’ve... Continue Reading →

Alfie Butel – Over N Over

Jerseyman Alfie Butel has continued his run of singles in June 2022 with Over N Over. From the off it’s clear a summer release is perfect for this one as it has summer vibes stamped all over it from its synth backing to the layers of brass, guitars and more than build up in eminently... Continue Reading →

February 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen to the full playlist in Spotify A full month back in lockdown has obviously meant a (hopefully temporary) end to live shows but that hasn’t meant that new music hasn’t kept coming through. So, in the brand new stuff area, I’ve got a track from the new album by Gregory Harrison... Continue Reading →

June 2020 Playlist

As June 2020 has seen what was an already the strange situation of lockdown due to global pandemic escalate with mass protests around the globe, particularly in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement but others besides, I’ve got a double header of a playlist update for you this month. First is the usual... Continue Reading →

Alfie Butel – Mexico

I first encountered singer-songwriter Alfie Butel at Chaos 2018 when he and his band Mezra travelled over from Jersey to take part in the Sound Guernsey Battle Of The Bands, which they went on to win in convincing fashion. Having returned and impressed again the following the year, now, another year later Alfie has released... Continue Reading →

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