The Nightmares – Jalapeño

Back at the start of Summer 2021, The Nightmares dropped The Rudeboy, a debut single that really captured a sound and feeling clashing the likes of Fontaines DC with The Jam and establishing themselves as a band to watch, not just live but on record, and now they’ve rounded off their summer by releasing a... Continue Reading →

Burning At Both Ends – Unplugged

A couple of months ago Guernsey based pop punk band Burning At Both Ends released their third album, Self Made Paradise. As is usual I invited them to appear on BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands around this time to do a live session and talk about the record, but then the island went... Continue Reading →

Laura Jane Grace – Stay Alive

I’ve said it before and no doubt will say it again but the last year or so has been particularly tumultuous pretty much everywhere around the world and, on her recent solo album Stay Alive, Laura Jane Grace has captured something of that, and the thoughts and feelings that go along with it. Starting in... Continue Reading →

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