The Nightmares – The Rudeboy

As I said in my review of their single launch show, Guernsey indie rock ‘n’ roll six piece The Nightmares have spent the last year or so solidifying not just their name (having previously been known as The Beautiful Nightmares) but their line up and their sound and, with the release of debut single, The... Continue Reading →

Mike Meinke – Secret Information

Over the last year, while making occasional higher profile performances with Buffalo Huddleston, Mike Meinke has been busy building a reputation for his new band with The Honest Crooks and SkySkrapers bass man Charlie Holmes and Brunt and Lord Vapour (amongst others) drummer, Squirrel, and they’ve now dropped their first single, Secret Information. While it’s... Continue Reading →

Grace And Elliott – Beauty Queen

Last summer a new duo appeared on Guernsey’s music scene, Grace And Elliott (known separately for their work elsewhere with the likes of Track Not Found and Brunt), playing a brand of relaxed, alternative indie not so often heard with captivating versions of tracks by bands like Placebo, The New Time and others and now... Continue Reading →

May 2021 Playlist

Click here to listen now on Spotify It’s been an odd month for me musically but nonetheless there’s been a lot going on. First of all there’s been a raft of brand new stuff including the debut single from pop punkers Bloomfield, the self-titled debut album by metallers From Darkness, a new single and EP... Continue Reading →

Le Montais – Zillennial

Over the last year or so Le Montais has established herself firmly as one to watch emerging from the Jersey music scene (and was listed as such by BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands at the start of 2021) and now she is seeking to solidify that reputation with the release of her debut... Continue Reading →

DanTurian – Sun And Mist

I first encountered DanTurian at the Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club where he impressed with an acoustic performance and then again at the Upload Festival CI where he played a more amplified but still solo set, so I was interested to hear what his first release, the EP Sun & Mist had to offer. Across five... Continue Reading →

Bloomfield – Clay

As a band, Guernsey based five-piece Bloomfield have only been around, in the public eye at least, for a couple of months and have less than a handful of live outings under their belt. They are, however, made up of members of various other past and current bands (including Case On The Base and Apothis)... Continue Reading →

From Darkness – Self-titled

When From Darkness first burst onto the Guernsey music scene in 2018 I made no secret of the fact that their attempt at uncompromising heavy metal did little for me, filled, as it was at the time, with what felt like too much of a streak of posing arrogance and ‘trying too hard’ to be... Continue Reading →

Clameur De Haro – Self-titled

Seven years ago, at the Sark Folk Festival, Clameur De Haro added themselves to the tradition of bands from the Bailiwick of Guernsey who take what could sound like a novelty approach to their music, focussing on aspects of local life run through a folk and country filter, but make it something more than that.... Continue Reading →

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