November 2022 Playlist

November 2022 playlist montage

Another mixed bag of a playlist update for November 2022 which you can listen to now on Spotify by clicking here, or it’s embedded below.

For new stuff this month I’ve got tracks from Oliver Marson, The Damned, SpaceSoul, Yungblud and Metallica.

When it comes to more classic stuff there’s The Rolling Stones, The Gun Club, Celtic Frost, Steve Earle and more besides and some Dr Feelgood in tribute to the great Wilko Johnson.

You can listen on Spotify by clicking here or it’s embedded below.


  • Oliver Marson – Andalusian Girl (single)
  • The Damned – Grimley Fiendish (live) (from A Night Of 1000 Vampires)
  • Yungblud – Cruel Kids (from Yungblud)
  • SpaceSoul – Greener Pastures (from Vol.1)
  • The Gun Club – The Stranger In Our Town (from The Las Vegas Story and in reference to Kid Congo Powers’ Some New Kind Of Kick)
  • Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys – Goth Beach (single)
  • The Native Howl – Harvester Of Constant Sorrow (single)
  • Steve Earle – Copperhead Road (from Copperhead Road)
  • The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil (from Beggar’s Banquet)
  • Hamilton Cast – My Shot (as heard in Hamilton)
  • Probot (feat. Lemmy) – Shake Your Blood (from Probot and in reference to Dave Grohl’s The Storyteller)
  • Placebo – 20th Century Boy (as heard in Velvet Goldmine)
  • Celtic Frost – Eternal Summer (from To Mega Therion)
  • Dr Feelgood – Going Back Home (live) (from Stupidity)
  • Metallica – Lux AEterna (single)

A couple of videos to go with all of this as well, the first is of one of the tracks on the list, this is The Native Howl’s rather excellent mash up of Metallica’s Harvester Of Sorrow and The Soggy Bottom Boys’ Man Of Constant Sorrow

And following the sad news of the death of Wilko Johnson I had to find a classic Dr Feelgood performance…

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