Charles Stenner – Sun Comes Up

Charles Stenner - Sun Comes Up - single artwork

Earlier in the summer Charles Stenner drop an EP from one of his previous projects, the duo Little Earthquakes, but now he’s back with a new single under his own name, Sun Comes Up.

From the off it has a great funky feel to the music that’s as catchy and sunny sounding as they come (appropriate given the artwork) and has a great dance-y kind of feel, without being dance music.

Over this comes Charles’ vocals and lyrics which bring in a kind of Gen-Z singer songwriter feel to the track, exploring issues that feel common to life and the challenges they present but with an attempt to feel hopeful within that along with a real pop sense to it all.

Charles Stenner
Charles Stenner

Across the whole track you can hear how it will likely have started life as an acoustic solo piece, and how it could still work as such, but the added embellishments lift it to something far greater, making for something you can either dance too or think about which shows Charles’ talent with pop as much as any other style.

On the Spotify release the single is ‘backed’ with what’s described as a ‘Motownified’ snippet of the song that offers a tantalising glimpse of a different version of the song I’d love to hear more of and, going by a recent post on his Instagram, Charles is interested in hearing some remixes of the song, so check him out there if that floats your particular boat.

Overall though Sun Comes Up continues to show off Charles Stenner’s musical talent and the variety of styles they come in and I can’t wait to see where he goes next.

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