Hallan – Sich Übergeben

Hallan - Sich Ubergeben - artwork

After a debut EP last summer, Portsmouth based band Hallan are back with a new single that’s already being lauded by the likes of Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music, Sich Übergeben.

Released through Nice Swan Records, Hallan are very much joining in the ongoing post punk revolution that seems to be washing over post-Brexit, post-pandemic Britain with a sound referencing the obvious touchstones of Joy Division and The Fall while feeling like a cousin band to the likes Yard Act (who’s debut album, The Overload, is already a highlight of 2022).

With a real driving power Sich Übergeben comes out the blocks with a terrific energy as Hallan set their sights on the UK’s current situation with Europe and those who have caused it in a fantastic, bitingly satirical, way.

Hallan band

Along with that it manages to capture something of the general sense of despair that seems to be permeating British society at present but, due to the power in the music, it never comes across as dour or down beat.

With a title that my research suggests could either mean ‘to hand over’ or ‘to vomit’ (both make quite a point), Hallan have produced a song with sense of disenfranchisement coupled with an invigorating drive that feels like it’s only scratching the surface of what else they have to offer and what else they might have to say.

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