Phoebe Over – The Ick Factor

Phoebe Over - The Ick Factor - artwork

A year ago Jersey singer-songwriter Phoebe Over dropped her debut single, an acoustic version of her song Rehab (not to be confused with other songs of the same name), and then, in terms of recordings at least, seemed to go a bit quiet.

While she has spent the last year making regular live appearances, particularly at Songwriters Society events (who also happen to be the label behind this release), and so has been far from inactive it certainly feels like single number two, The Ick Factor, has been a long time coming but it is definitely worth the wait.

Dispensing with the ‘unplugged’ nature of her debut, The Ick Factor sees Over go into full pop production mode, and she sounds great doing it, as she tackles that most universal of subjects, things that, whether with good reason or not, just put you off in a potential partner.

Phoebe Over - July 2022
Phoebe Over

In that we get three and half minutes of a terrific bopping groove that marries the lyrical honesty of a singer-songwriter with an irresistible modern pop sound that should be capable of getting crowds moving in an instant.

With a chorus lyric of ‘You don’t vibe with me, so it’s goodbye from me’ it feels like it could speak for a generation finding their own form of empowerment while Phoebe’s natural voice shines through even with the deeper production.

With a really tasty instrumental break and break down thrown into the mix too, The Ick Factor more than lives up to the extended anticipation hitting all the marks for a great pop tune while having a real heart to it too which many in this style miss.

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