Little Earthquakes – EP 1

The last few months have seen Charles Stenner reestablish himself on Guernsey’s music scene with a string of stand out performances including at the Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club and in The Peace Tent at Chaos 17 but before that he was based out of Whistler, British Columbia in Canada and, while there, produced a series of new music which is gradually seeing the light of day now.

This particular EP comes from Little Earthquakes, which saw Stenner team up with Helen Hamilton, begins with Let Go which rather sets the scene as something akin to Sigur Ros doing indie pop slides from the speakers.

Little Earthquakes band
Little Earthquakes, Hamilton and Stenner

From the intro on it’s richly layered with a deep range of sounds driven by a laconic bass drum while an occasional acoustic guitar leads the subtle melody under the vocals.

These vocals are led by Hamilton, with Stenner as a counterpoint beneath, which combined sounds terrific as they capture a sense of alienation and a kind of heartbreak rather impressively, but with a sense of hope somewhere in there too.

All Of The Dust adds, in its opening at least, a hint of Fleetwood Mac before a piano takes the lead for another richly layered, if briefer, slice of indie pop with a similar sound and theme but a more direct feel.

Across both tracks Little Earthquakes show a subtle power, both musically and lyrically, that sounds great and, while it may simply capture a moment in time for those involved, feels like there’s plenty more there for the listener.

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