BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands at Guernsey Together Festival – The Rabbit Warren – 28/05/22


After several years of having a live stage as part of Arts Sunday, in 2022 BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands moved its annual live outing in Guernsey to be part of the Guernsey Together Festival on Saturday 28th May.

The festival, which began in 2021, after the island’s second lock down, initially featured more cover and tribute bands but the presence of the BBC Introducing Stage looked to showcase a range of artists from Guernsey producing original music with Volleyball, Bloomfield, Eloise Fabbri, The Nightmares and 4 Eva Noir.

Now based in the UK and originally from South Africa but having passed through Guernsey in between, 4 Eva Noir started the afternoon’s music with a set of deftly constructed and energetically delivered hip hop.

4 Eva Noir
4 Eva Noir

With a dedicated following present and engaged from the off his combination of old school rap and modern hip hop brought something different to anything else on the whole festival line up and seemed to go down well with those beginning to gather.

As he took to the stage this afternoon The Nightmares‘ frontman, Callum, was already on his second gig of the day having played a solo set in the VIP tent earlier in the afternoon and he still had another to go as the band hopped on a boat to Sark right after their set to play MermFest.

The Nightmares
The Nightmares

Regardless the band were clearly still riding a high after their recent London debut and blasted off here as has become their trademark and tore through a set of indie rock with the power of classic punk.

Bolstered by a guest appearance from Bobby Battle on bass the band teetered on the brink of chaos at points but kept it together in fine style that kept the crowd relaxing in the mid afternoon sun engrossed and ended on a double whammy of their debut single The Rudeboy and their punked up take Fontaines DC’s Boys From The Better Lands.

In another abrupt change of style that really demonstrated the range of styles of music being made in the island, Eloise Fabbri And The Big Bad Beauty Band took to the stage for a set of energetic and soulful, jazz inspired, indie pop.

Eloise Fabbri
Eloise Fabbri

Eloise and her band have really found an impressive sound that came across as well as I’ve ever heard here despite issues with mic stands and it being the first proper gig with them for new bass player Joe Le Long.

While it had an upbeat and funky side, their set was also perfect for a relaxed afternoon in the hot sun, and it was clear that, while Eloise already has a fair few fans and followers, she won over even more here.

As soon as Eloise left the stage a group made their way down to the front eager to catch Guernsey’s current pop punk heroes Bloomfield who launched into their set with more confidence than ever.


Capturing their own spin on a well worn sound the band, who formed during lockdown, seemed to have really found their stride here as a four piece and brought a new energy to the late afternoon.

With call and response with the crowd, and plenty of singalongs, it’s great to see a band with a real dedicated following and the energy was clearly infectious as many further back were commenting on how talented the young band clearly were and it really felt like Bloomfield were making their mark here.

Fronted by Geurnseyman Rudi Falla, Volleyball had made the trip over from the UK for this show and their mix psychedelia, shoegaze and indie pop perfectly fit the warm late afternoon mood as their reverb drenched harmonies flowed across the festival field to the delight of many.


While their musical performance was excellent what really made it stand out was the sense of enjoyment radiating from the four people on stage and it was impossible not to be swept along on their lightly trippy ride which, if things are in anyway right with the world, will be playing from even bigger stages in the very near future.

This all made for a terrific high point to close the BBC Introducing Stage at Guernsey Together as the festivals main stage continued on into the evening.

You can see more of my photos from the stage on my Facebook page by clicking here

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