Maisie Robbie – Milestone

Maisie Robbie - Milestone - single artwork

Maisie Robbie is a new, Jersey-based, singer songwriter who this month has dropped her debut single, Milestone.

From the off the song has an exceptionally current pop feel to it but, it soon becomes clear there is a lot more going on.

Led by an irresistible electric piano sound it soon establishes a fine groove that combines elements of pop, jazz and maybe a hint of folk.

Over this comes Robbie’s vocals that draw on the mix of jazz and pop that has been so prevalent over the last decade or so, but with that, her own singer-songwriter kind of spin.

Maisie Robbie
Maisie Robbie

This ‘singer-songwriter’ feel continues in the lyrics which are exceptionally intimate and confessional but have a universality that means there’s likely something in there anyone could relate to – one of the hallmarks of good pop.

Milestone then is a fine debut single for Maisie Robbie and I look forward to hearing more to see where else she can take what’s being hinted at here.

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