March 2022 Playlist

Playlist Montage - March 2022

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Another bumper crop of tracks this month with a lot of new stuff along with a few old favourites.

In the way of brand new stuff I’ve got tracks from A Band Of Squirrels, Frank Turner, Ghost, Coach Party, Rosalie Cunningham, Dream Widow and more.

And when it comes to some slightly older stuff I’ve got tracks from AFI, Baghdaddies, The Wildhearts following the announcement of their split a few weeks back and I had to include something featuring Taylor Hawkins after last weekend’s sad news, so I’ve gone with Next Year.

You can find the playlist on Spotify by clicking here or it’s embedded below.


  • A Band Of Squirrels – Deja-view (single)
  • Frank Turner – The Resurrectionists (from FTHC)
  • Russell & The French Boys – Daisy And Dan (from Suggestive and as heard at St a James)
  • Ghost – Kaisarion (from IMPERA)
  • Coach Party – Weird Me Out (single)
  • Rosalie Cunningham – Suck Push Bang Blow (from Two Piece Puzzle)
  • Ministry – Alert Level (from Moral Hygiene)
  • Kid Kapichi and Bob Vylan – New England (single)
  • Large Plants – La Isla Bonita (single)
  • AFI – Miseria Cantare – The Beginning (from Sing The Sorrow)
  • Ansel Elgort and Mike Faist – Cool (as heard in West Side Story)
  • Yungblud- The Funeral (single)
  • Rammstein – Zeit (single)
  • The Wildhearts – Loveshit (from Earth Vs The Wildhearts)
  • Baghdaddies – Surfbalk (from Bykerumba and as heard at St James)
  • Nova Twins – Cleopatra (single)
  • Dream Widow – Lacrimus Dei Ebrius (from Dream Widow)
  • Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Y Proffwyd Dwyll (from Y Proffwyd Dwyll)
  • Foo Fighters – Next Year (from There’s Nothing Left To Lose)

Along with this I’ve got a couple of bonus videos this month, first is the latest from Guernsey indie band The Nightmares who recently played a big show at St James with a live version of their song Til Morning

And again, because of last weekend’s new about Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins it’s a video of the first time I saw them live, back at Reading Festival in August 2000…

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