January 2022 Playlist

January 2022 Playlist montage

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A new year and a new big playlist of things I’ve been listening to that I aim to update monthly – in a change to past years though I’m not going to limit myself to 10 tracks and will just post however many feels right, but still aiming for at least 10 a month.

With that in mind this month we have 14 ranging from brand new to old classics.

In new stuff I’ve got tracks from Apothis, Von Cassidy, Mike Meinke, Buffalo Huddleston, Subliminal Girls, Granite Wolf, Ghost and Yard Act.

There’s slightly older stuff (to varying degrees) from Thee Jenerators, Eagles, Huey Lewis And The News and Penelope Isles.

And following their sad passing songs from Meat Loaf and Ronnie Spector.

The playlist is embedded below or you can listen on Spotify by clicking here.


  • Meat Loaf – Paradise By The Dashboard Light (from Bat Out Of Hell)
  • Apothis – The Note Read (single)
  • Von Cassidy – Keep The Party Polite (from The Coming Of Age & The World Around)
  • Mike Meinke – Mapacho (Mapacho EP)
  • Buffalo Huddleston – Mr Cloud (single)
  • Eagles – One Of These Nights (from Eagles)
  • Thee Jenerators – Thee Witch (from Rejeneration)
  • Huey Lewis And The News – The Power Of Love (as heard in Back To The Future)
  • Subliminal Girls – Elector (from Vanity Project)
  • Ronnie Spector – Girl From The Ghetto (from The Last Of The Rock Stars)
  • Granite Wolf – Fat Rats (from Vanta Skies)
  • Penelope Isles – Gnarbone (from Until The Tide Creeps In and as heard at St James in Guernsey)
  • Yard Act – Witness (Can I Get A?) (from The Overload)
  • Ghost – Call Me Little Sunshine (single)

Along with these Charlie Sherbourne dropped a new track, Some Sunny Day, this month on YouTube…

And I couldn’t really not include an iconic live performance from Meat Loaf, from the Old Grey Whistle Test…

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