Charlie Sherbourne – Some Sunny Day

Charlie Sherbourne - Some Sunny Day - single artwork

Following a trio of singles in 2021, ranging from the full production piece of The Ballad Of Billy Bradshaw to the more lo-fi and direct duo of Wild Winds Blow and Lay Down My Soul Charlie Sherbourne is back with another offering, Some Sunny Day.

By his own admission this is even more back to basics than ever, due to a session recording getting lost along the way, and it sees him find a new focus on the mandolin.

Charlie Sherbourne's Man Feelings
Charlie Sherbourne

With a much folkier sound than before his indie stylings still come through along with something of a Latin twist that makes for something more melancholy than ever with a strong blues tone as well.

In this it feels like a song being sung on a dark night (both literally and metaphorically) in a dive bar somewhere and, as Sherbourne has said, it’s something of ‘an ode to Tom Waits’ and I can definitely catch that aspect in it.

Sherbourne has then once again created something that could become a low key highlight of music from the islands and, while he seems to be back with his more full time musical project The Slaughter House Band once again, I hope he still finds time for these lo-fi offerings from time too.

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