Von Cassidy – The Coming Of Age And The World Around

Von Cassidy - The Coming Of Age & The World Around - album artwork

Von Cassidy are a band who’ve been making ripples with their singles for a little while and, in November 2021, dropped their debut album, The Coming Of Age & The World Around.

While I’d enjoyed their singles I had struggled to place them somewhat but, in listening to the record, it was clear that the songs were intended to take us on a musical journey fusing indie and garage rock with pop and dance inspired sounds to create something all their own.

As things begin a bit of noodling leads us into a more than solid, Black Keys style, riff to Keep The Party Polite which really brings that garage rock flavour to the fore with a nice bit of edge but without losing its innate accessibility, which is to become a calling card for the whole record.

Von Cassidy - Band photo

Some great groove is added to this package on Everybody Wants To Know and Coming Of Motion with the former providing a big poppy chorus and the latter a huge bass line beginning to really bring in that danceable element.

This Is What Happens When… is a nice change of pace, being a very chilled, almost surf-pop, ballad in tone before The Surf Line Bathing Assembly feels like a song that could only come from a Channel Islands band (these boys are from Jersey) but with a subject that is likely far more universal and a bass line that is again irresistible.

With some extra synths thrown into the mix Occupy The Octopi (a brilliant title) brings out more of that dance pop side before (another great title) Lumpy Custard Revival reminds me somewhat of Guernsey alt-rockers Tantale in their more obscure moments.

Von Cassidy - video grab

Someone Let The Good Times Roll slows it back down again with a slightly different sound once more that I think could appeal to totally new audience before Salvation starts to bring the poppy indie vibes back to the for and the title track closes things off by pulling everything we’ve heard together in one package for a bouncy number with substance and a huge chorus that I could see being a festival banger.

The Coming Of Age & The World Around then sees Von Cassidy really setting out their stall with a great mix of indie garage fuzz, danceable rhythms and a strong pop sensibility for a record that has crossover potential written all over it and, while it gets poppier as it goes on, it’s bookended by a pair of stand out songs that should help the band make their mark that had already seen them named as one to watch in 2022 by BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands.

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