Buffalo Huddleston – Mr Cloud

Buffalo Huddleston - Mr Cloud - single cover

As a band Buffalo Huddleston have been somewhat quieter than usual over the last year or so but when they have gigged they continue to go down a storm and attract large crowds, however it came as something of a surprise when a new single, Mr Cloud, appeared just before Christmas 2021.

While the single is new the song itself first appeared in the band’s live set on Liberation Day 2015 and quickly became a live favourite with many fans asking for a proper recording ever since, so this is a nice Christmas treat for them (myself included), and thankfully it lives up to expectation.

From the off it feels fresh and is a summery blast through the cloudy, rainy, cold we’ve been experiencing recently with a super slick production that works excellently in this case balancing layers of instrumentation and texture throughout, but particularly as the song builds towards its climax.

Buffalo Huddleston
Buffalo Huddleston join the crowd

The verses have a great driving groove and the choruses capture the sing along bounce of the band’s best live shows.

As it goes on there’s a nice heavier breakdown under Jull-z’s main rapping section that then resolves with another bouncy part before a second purely instrumental breakdown gives the feeling of the titular clouds arriving as Sarah Van Vlymen’s violin, Tom Bradshaw’s bass and Simon Prince’s drums are joined by Mike Meinke’s didgeridoo (as well as acoustic guitar) to create possibly the band’s folkiest moment but one that captures something of the spirit of a summer music festival with that sense of reverie that can come as rain falls on a warm day as music plays loud.

Buffalo Huddleston
Buffalo Huddleston

Mr. Cloud then sees Buffalo Huddleston on top form and finally brings to record a song that has long been a personal favourite of their’s for me, but also a long-standing crowd pleaser, in a way that captures its live essence with a great deep and textured studio sound as well.

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