Lifejacket and Lula & Gene – The Vault – 27/11/21


With the Christmas lights on around St Peter Port and Storm Arwen battering the island it’s fair to say there was strange mood about the place as I headed down to The Vault on Saturday 27th November 2021 for a rare outing from Lifejacket (not aided by several delays for the obvious reasons) along with indie bass and drums duo Lula & Gene.

The night started with the two-piece and it was clear from the off that they were more connected and into it than ever with some huge drums from Brett (particularly on their take on The Cure’s Love Cats) and Maisie really embodying and transmitting the essence of the songs, both their own and covers, with her full performance.

Lula and Gene
Lula and Gene

I Wanna Boi (originally by PWR BTM) was an early highlight and their take on Pixies Gigantic remains terrific but my overall top moment of the set came with a new cover, their version of Wet Leg’s Wet Dream that really suited the duo to a tee.

While there were some quieter moments where the general noise in the venue muddied things a little Maisie didn’t let that phase her while Brett was in eccentric powerhouse mode throughout which is always a joy and this came together to be almost certainly their best show yet with them appearing more relaxed and at ease throughout.


With the venue getting nicely busy, despite external conditions, Lifejacket took to the stage to a mixture of dedicated followers (of which I count myself) and curious newcomers (fairly impressive given they’ve been together for coming up to 11 years).

Once again running through a mix of newer songs and tracks from their debut album, Let’s Get This Out Of Our System And Move On, they were nice and tight but with a great driven energy coming from all three members that is testament to how long they’ve been working together.


The newer tracks have started to gain a sense of familiarity and were sounding better than ever tonight, and I for one hope we get to hear them recorded sometime soon, while the likes or Meanwhile In Hollywood, No Show, Brains and a storming Yacht Shoes which closed the set, are still blistering.

A cover of Beastie Boys’ Sabotage was maybe a little more wobbly than the rest but provided a fun interlude half way through the set and it was clear it had all had the desired effect as they left the audience wanting more with some even calling for specific songs, though credit to the band for sticking to their intent and not giving an encore.

In all then this was a fine night of varied ‘indie’ music with two bands who complemented each other excellently and id be happy to see the same line up again any time.

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