HopePunk Records Presents Burning At Both Ends, Marine Boy and Bloomfield – The Mariner’s In – 20/11/21

Coastal Fire Dept - Marine Boy

It’s been a few years since the last time I went to, or even heard about, a new music event at The Mariner’s Inn on The Bridge in Guernsey and evening before it started this had the feel of a slightly strange one with, it appeared, a visiting band in Marine Boy and being organised by a locally less well known label in HopePunk Records – though I was looking forward to seeing Bloomfield for the first time in a while and Burning At Both Ends are usually at least very enjoyable.

With very few people in the pub in general, not just in the live music area at the back, Bloomfield took to the stage for their second show of the weekend and this was my first time seeing them as a four piece with frontman Francesco taking on guitar duties.


Regardless of this they still sounded good and tight and their energy built nicely across the set really getting going on their past single, Clay (along with Sinking).

This was followed by a surprisingly effective cover of Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone, a great new original called (I think) Firebird that showed them building on their past material very well while another new one, Rearrange, had a big classic Blink-182 energy to it before they closed with a big ending of Poison.

After them the line had listed Marine Boy, supposedly a band from the north of England linked with organisers Hopepunk Records but, as there had been a vague feeling before, as the four men from Coastal Fire Dept began setting up equipment on stage, it soon became clear that this was a bit of trick being played by the Vale based grunge quartet.

Marine Boy (aka Coastal Fire Dept)
Marine Boy (aka Coastal Fire Dept)

Not that a bonus ‘secret’ show from Coastal Fire Dept is a bad thing, particularly as their dedicated work ahead of their upcoming UK debut for Civil War next weekend was really shown to be paying off with their power and tightness of their performance tonight even in front of a rather small audience and with a less than perfect set of on stage monitors.

While they ran through their now familiar set for the most part they did debut a new one, Stranger Town, that added a slightly bassier tone to proceedings while Fuck The Scene from most recent album, Connected, has really grown into a highlight of their repertoire and a great singalong.

Molly’s Lips brought the set to its traditional close and this seemed to show the band ready to take the next step up, which is good timing for their London show.

Burning At Both Ends
Burning At Both Ends

Burning At Both Ends then continued their recent form from the Afrocarribean Fusion night by playing a fun and energetic set that got a few of their dedicated fans in attendance on their feet and singing along.

With more back and forth than normal both with the crowd and amongst themselves this was again a more relaxed performance but none the less well delivered for it with the highlights tonight coming as they switched instruments to ones with a lower tuning for the final three songs that took on a heavier feel with their closer, One Way Traffic, ending the night on a highpoint, it’s just a bit of a shame there weren’t more people there to experience it.

You can see more of my photos from the show on my Facebook page by clicking here

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