September 2021 Playlist

Playlist September 2021 montage

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A bumper crop this month for my playlist update as, I’m not sure why, I feel like I’ve found a lot of new stuff (both new to me and actually new).

A few highlights including a selection of new stuff from the Channel Islands including Sonic Bomb, The Tarantulips, Eloise Fabbri, The Nightmares and Von Cassidy.

Elsewhere there’s new and newer tracks from more international bands including Sam Brace, Amyl And The Sniffers, The Wildhearts, Yungblud, Enola Gay, Miley Cyrus (and others), The Bug Club and Frank Turner.

And of special note Skylines And Turnstiles from My Chemical Romance for it’s links with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 20th anniversary of which was marked earlier in the month.

You can listen to this all on Spotify by clicking here or the playlist is embedded below.


  • Sonic Bomb – Family Tree (single)
  • Yungblud – Fleabag (single)
  • Amyl And The Sniffers – Guided By Angels (from Comfort To Me)
  • The Tarantulips- Run Away (single)
  • Sleaford Mods – Mork and Mindy (from Spare Ribs)
  • The Ruts – Babylon’s Burning (as heard at Vale Earth Fair)
  • Bill Nomates – No (from her self-titled album)
  • The Wildhearts – 21st Century Love Songs (from the album of the same name)
  • Eloise Fabbri – Hazy Skies (single)
  • My Chemical Romance – Skylines And Turnstiles (from I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love)
  • Enola Gay – Through Men’s Eyes (single)
  • The Chats – Smoko (from Get This In Ya)
  • The Bug Club – The Fixer (single)
  • Miley Cyrus – Nothing Else Matters (from The Metallica Blacklist)
  • The Crowman – Robert Johnson Resurrection Blues (from Songs From The Three-Eyed Crow and as heard at the L’Islet Records weekend at The Vault)
  • Sam Brace – Panic (single)
  • The Nightmares – Jalepeno (single)
  • Nirvana – Breed (from Nevermind)
  • Von Cassidy – Coming Of Motion (single)
  • Frank Turner – Haven’t Been Doing So Well (single)

For the bonus video this month I was intending to include one from Yungblud at Reading Festival this summer playing Fleabag. It first grabbed my attention with his image but then further did with the song and terrific performance, unfortunately its been taken down from the BBC Music YouTube page but I have found this one recorded live at the Whisky-A-Go-Go, its not quite the same but still a great performance…

And a bonus bonus as it only dropped after I’d put the rest of this together a new single from IDLES, The Beachland Ballroom from their upcoming fourth album, Crawler

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