August 2021 Playlist

August 2021 playlist montage

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Can’t believe it’s already been a month, August has been a crazy one with loads going on musically for me and here’s a flavour of it.

Let’s start with the brand new stuff I’ve got new tracks from Coastal Fire Dept, HOWL and Dan Ashplant with other tracks from closer to home from Hollie Thorne (FKA Hollie Lucia) and Track Not Found.

Aside from that I’m celebrating the 30th anniversary of Metallica’s Black Album, marking the passing of Joey Jordison with something from Murderdolls and, following the return to wrestling of CM Punk, I had to include Living Colour’s Cult Of Personality along a couple of other tracks that struck me during the month from Rob Zombie and Iron Maiden (it’s all pretty metal this month apparently).

You can find the playlist embedded below or click here to find it on Spotify now.


And for my bonus video this month I could only really go one way, following the death of Rolling Stones’ legendary drummer Charlie Watts last week, the man who held the beat of British rock ‘n’ roll for pretty much its entire existence, he may not have been the man out front but without him the Stones wouldn’t have been what they were, I’ve chosen a personal favourite Sympathy For The Devil

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