Phoebe Over – Rehab (Acoustic)

Phoebe Over - Rehab - single artwork

Phoebe Over first came to my attention with a session she recorded for BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands early in 2020 and she’s now dropped her debut single, through Jersey label Songwriters Society, an acoustic version of her track Rehab.

While there’s some great musicianship and production work on the to here the obvious focus is Over’s voice.

While she has a lot of the same tropes as the now fairly standard female singer songwriter style she adds her own spin to it and, with that, comes a vulnerability and rawness of delivery contrasting the strength of her performance which really works here with the subject of the song.

Phoebe Over
Phoebe Over

While described as ‘acoustic’ the track features more instrumentation and production than you might expect with two acoustic guitar lines clearly evident on the verses and bass and more coming out in the choruses – so I’m not sure why it’s billed as an acoustic version as it really doesn’t feel like a simple acoustic track as such.

This makes Rehab a fine debut offering from Phoebe Over that hints at more to come that I’ll be excited to hear.

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