Coastal Fire Dept – Gun

When it comes to bands who never seem to stop Coastal Fire Dept. must be up there as, only a matter of months after their release of their second album Connected in January, they are back with a new single hinting at more to come, Gun.

As we are greeted by a lovely dual guitar intro we are soon launched headlong into another slice of noisy alt rock that has long been the band’s trademark.

This time around though it seem to come with an even great sense of anger and malevolence than before topped off by the screamed choruses provided by L’Islet Records labelmates Granite Wolf’s frontman Tom ‘Shinfo’ Domaille (and if anything I’d have liked to have heard more from him across the rest of the song).

Coastal Fire Dept (l-r, Ollie, Bobby, Ozzy, Saad)

The guest appearances don’t end there though with the drums for this track provided by Kellii Scott of 90s alt rockers Failure (who’s also worked with artists as varied as Veruca Salt, Queens Of The a Stone Age, Dr Dre and Pink).

With that in mind the drums here do feel different to past records, though clearly fitting the same style, sounding bigger and busier but without going too over the top to detract from the rest – though I’ll admit a guest drummer within a band in this context feels a bit strange.

Gun then continues from where Coastal Fire Dept left off on Connected but with a darker tone and a few new tricks up its sleeve and I’ll be interested to see how the song sounds live and where the band goes next.

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