The Nightmares – The Rudeboy

The Nightmares - The Rudeboy

As I said in my review of their single launch show, Guernsey indie rock ‘n’ roll six piece The Nightmares have spent the last year or so solidifying not just their name (having previously been known as The Beautiful Nightmares) but their line up and their sound and, with the release of debut single, The Rudeboy, they are making their intent clear.

Blasting out with a direct DIY-indie-punk feel that brings to mind many bands of the past, The Nightmares particular combination brings something fresh that spans, in its poppier moments, The Kaiser Chiefs, through Arctic Monkeys and (particularly in the verses) on to a delivery reminiscent of Fontaines DC at their most intense.

The Nightmares
Callum and Nick of The Nightmares

This is all held together by an attitude embodied by frontman Callum Aitken, that throws back to the mod of Paul Weller and The Jam, with an evident chip on his shoulder being used in the best of ways to power not just himself but the band as a whole (the line being completed by Nick Coleman on guitar, Dom Laine on bass, Adam Powell on drums and backing singers Eloise Fabbri and Tessa Coleman).

The slightly lo-fi production (along with a bit of mastering polish from The Tarantulips’ Nic Dinnie) fits the style of the track to a tee, as well as the ethos of the band, and the self shot and edited video just adds to this capturing something of their apparent rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in a way that looks, above all, fun and shows something of a snapshot of venues and events around Guernsey in a way I’ve not seen previously.

The Nightmares
The Nightmares

The Rudeboy then sees The Nightmares setting out their stall and marking their place on Guernsey’s music scene as somewhat spiritual descendants of The Risk with a sound that has enough edge while also being massively relatable, catchy and fun.

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