Le Montais – Zillennial

Le Montais - Zillennial

Over the last year or so Le Montais has established herself firmly as one to watch emerging from the Jersey music scene (and was listed as such by BBC Music Introducing In The Channel Islands at the start of 2021) and now she is seeking to solidify that reputation with the release of her debut mini-album/EP, Zillennial.

Coming across as something of a pop electronica concept piece the main body of the record combines four instrumental ‘interludes’ with four fully fledged songs with the former acting as a kind of initial introduction and then a sonic and thematic bridge between the rest.

Across the four main tracks we get a mix of pulsing pop electronica on Your Favourite Guy, folk suggestions and a sound that has led to comparisons Kate Bush on What Kind Of Life? (a brave but apt comparison in this instance) and with Flowers a kind of distillation of the rest into a terrific piece of pop that, to my mind, has hit single written all over it.

Le Montais
Le Montais

Black Sheets then closes the main part of the set in a true crescendo, being the real highlight, as Le Montais takes us to a deeply personal place with the instrumentation scaled right back and her voice on the edge of breaking with emotion at points making it as impactful as any piece of pop can hope to be (and I don’t mean that lightly or flippantly).

Along with these are two bonus tracks, first being Ghost which brings back the dark electronica heard earlier in the record with something of the deeply personal lyrics of Black Sheets and then a live rendition of What Kind Life? that sees a haunting violin really stand out with both tracks making for a great addition to the core set.

As songwriter, producer, musician and vocalist Zillennial more than backs up the initial hype that has grown around Le Montais combining a pop sensibility with a hint of darkness and some mesmerically deep and richly textured electronica with a personal edge that is both moving and irresistible.

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