DanTurian – Sun And Mist

DanTurian - Sun And Mist - EP cover

I first encountered DanTurian at the Guernsey Gigs Unplugged Club where he impressed with an acoustic performance and then again at the Upload Festival CI where he played a more amplified but still solo set, so I was interested to hear what his first release, the EP Sun & Mist had to offer.

Across five tracks DanTurian offers a selection of sounds based in a kind of angsty nu-grunge with some big guitar solos thrown in too.

Vocally this brings a 90s alternative rock feel to proceedings that includes a lot that I think many people could relate to in the lyrics as it focuses on feelings around growing up and mental health, amongst other things.


Meanwhile the guitars take on an almost prog rock quality at times with an expansive sound on some impressive solos but still keeping things within a more pop song duration.

Unfortunately a lot of this good stuff gets a bit lost as somewhat erratic, and at times overbearing, drums have been added which distracts from the otherwise good songs, giving it more the feel of a bedroom demo than a fully realised final product.

I can’t help but feel if Turian had focussed on a more simple approach the final product would have been far more satisfying.

DanTurian live
DanTurian live at St James

Along with the EP there is also a single, an unplugged version of the closing track Restart, that really shows the more stripped back approach in full effect.

Ultimately then Sun & Mist shows DanTurian to be a fine songwriter with a lot to offer but it’s let down by some of the production techniques, which can often happen on self produced material, so I’m looking forward to hearing how his songwriting and recording develops going forward.

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