From Darkness Album Launch with Apothis – The Vault – 01/05/21

From Darkness
From Darkness

24 hours after Clameur De Haro celebrate the launch of their debut album it was the turn of From Darkness to do the same with a slightly darker and heavier show at The Vault accompanied by newcomers Apothis.

The new band started off the night with a wall of visceral metallic noise from the off the rarely let up.

While they felt a bit more disjointed between the songs than I remember from seeing them in the past this was a minor quibble as their presence and power has, if anything, grown even more and they had the audience in the palm of their hands from the off with headbanging moving to all out moshing as the set went on.

Zav of Apothis

With a mix of covers from the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Code Orange and their songs it was the originals that provided the highlights for me tonight imbued, as they were, with an honest strength that was a delight to see. While all the band are exceptional, particularly for their age and experience, tonight two stood out.

First was Toby Beasley who’s drumming drove the band from the back in the way the best drummer should and seemed to have stepped up a level tonight while Zav Pike commanded the stage at the front with a voice like few others in Guernsey (Matt Burdett, Phil Skyrme and Mark Le Page are the only comparisons I can think of) and an unflappable confidence that led the charge and made Apothis a truly hard act to follow.

From Darkness
From Darkness

With the crowd packed into The Vault and more than warmed up From Darkness launched into their set with a real force that turned the floor into a writing mass from the off.

Once again the band displayed their new found power and confidence, only bolstered by the celebratory nature of the night, that turned every bad cliche of metal they might have shown in the past on their head and helped find a new truth in a few of their songs, particularly Mediocrity which was a stand out tonight.

From Darkness
From Darkness

Another highlight came with the lead single form the album, Something Inside, that they commented they’d not played live before and it sounded like a further step forward for the band, marshalling all their strengths in ferocious fashion.

As the set neared it’s end, with the fabulously horrific sounding Porngore, that got the biggest circle pit of the night going (hard to believe there’s even room for one in The Vault), the band were called back for an encore that saw crowd surfing and singer Martin head out into the crowd and they closed the night on the same energy they began it with their new found power and confidence on full show as they release their self titled debut album on the world.

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