Clameur De Haro Album Launch with Mike Meinke – The Golden Lion – 30/04/21

Clameur De Haro
Clameur De Haro

While releasing original recorded music has become a far more common thing in recent years than maybe it was before, every now and then, when bands decide to celebrate the launch of a new album, it can still feel like a big event, and on the May Day bank holiday weekend in 2021 we were treated to two, with the first coming from Clameur De Haro.

Before ‘The Clams’ took to the stage in The Lion’s Den, upstairs at The Golden Lion, Mike Meinke kicked off proceedings with neither his newer band or Buffalo Huddleston.

Mike Meinke
Mike Meinke

Without the various extra accompaniment Mike’s songs kept the general upbeat feel but there were different aspects that stood out, that are always nice to hear for a change, particularly in the intricacies of his guitar work while the eminently groovy feel remained intact throughout, which did draw a few to the front and get them moving.

After a few tunes from DJ Binary Reaper, who delivered a fine selection in keeping with the style of the evening, highlighted by a pair of rockabilly covers of Metallica’s Sad But True and Korn’s Freak On A Leash, it was time for the evening’s main event.

Clameur De Haro
Clameur De Haro

Starting off with Chinese Burn, Clameur De Haro embarked on playing their new album live, in its entirety, and I think the burden (if that’s the word) of this meant it took them a little longer than usual to get their energy going, though the first part was maybe the tightest technically I’ve seen them play.

By the half way point of the album play through though, they had coerced a few onto the dance floor though and from there their energy did begin to roll.

Clameur De Haro
Clameur De Haro

This made Iron Pushang a highlight once again, followed by Devil’s Hole, which saw frontman Richie head out into the crowd, before they closed the first part of the set with an excellent take on their ‘murder ballad’ Whispering Sands.

With the band, crowd and venue now suitably warmed up, both figuratively and literally, the second part of ‘The Clams’ set was made up of some of the covers that made their name initially and these, ranging from the Beatles to Steppenwolf to Black Sabbath, went down a storm with the dance floor packed and singing along in full voice and calling for more even after an encore.

Clameur De Haro
Rich conducts the audience

This all made for not only a great celebration of the new album for Clameur De Haro but also felt like the first proper show of the summer season and the first time in a long time I can remember a proper hot and sweaty pub gig which, when done right like this, can’t fail to be a great time.

You can see more photos from the show on the BBC Music Introducing Facebook page by clicking here

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