Charlie Sherbourne’s Man Feelings – The Ballad Of Billy Bradshaw

Charlie Sherbourne
Charlie Sherbourne

Charlie Sherbourne is a name likely familiar to many involved with music in Guernsey as he has, over the past decade or so, woven a path through the scene that has seen him take on roles both on stage and off while also establishing himself away from the island in Brighton and London working with Joe Corbin and The Slaughterhouse Band, amongst others and now under the name Charlie Sherbourne’s Man Feelings.

The last six months or so though has seen him somewhat marooned back in Guernsey due to lockdowns and travel restrictions and he has, in that time, crafted his debut solo single, The Ballad Of Billy Bradshaw.

From the off it’s clear that this isn’t a straight forward song to pigeonhole as it combines elements of various genres that Charlie has dabbled with over the years.

So we get indie rock rubbing shoulders with folk and blues as Charlie and a band made up of many familiar faces from the Guernsey music community (including Charlie Sinclair on guitar, Simon Harvey on Fiddle and Andy Mason on harmonica, and more – though on the recording most of the playing is by Sherbourne himself) tell the titular tale that is something of a cautionary one against the excesses of the ‘rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle’.

Sherbourne with Sinclair, Mason and Mikey Ferbrache of Apocalypse Studios
Sherbourne with Sinclair, Mason and Mikey Ferbrache of Apocalypse Studios

It would be easy for this to end up sounding like a mess but I’m happy to say it doesn’t with the different sides coming together very nicely to make something somewhat different, certainly compared to anything else being produced in Guernsey at the moment.

Along with the song comes a video, shot by Elliott Mariess and his team, that captures something of the spirit of this recently formed band as they get together in the studio with a black and white finish that makes it, rather like the track, somewhat timeless.

All in all this makes The Ballad Of Billy Bradshaw a great track that already feels like something of a hidden gem and I hope gets the attention it deserves.

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