Alfie Butel – Will You Be My Valentine?

Alfie Butel - Will You Be My Valentine - single coverRecent years have seen a number of solo, largely acoustic, singer songwriters emerge from Jersey’s music scene from Tadhg Daly to Monty Taft and now added to that list, following debut single Mexico last summer, is Alfie Butel who returns now with the seasonally themed Will You Be My Valentine?

If that sounds a bit on the nose that’s because, in a way, it is, as it tells a tale of young love in a way that is packed with youthful, possibly naive, optimism.

In that though it’s sunny outlook and upbeat feel is truly refreshing in a really uncynical way with a sound that is just bouncy enough but also has a ballad like feel that could easily make it a singalong favourite, and I want to see a field of people singing along to Alfie when summer rolls round.

Alfie Butel
Alfie Butel

Musically it’s anchored on Alfie and his guitar but strings and more bolster this into a rich sound and when it comes to the lyrics there are hints that, along with the mainstream appeal, this could be a subtle and somewhat unexpected queer anthem too.

Will You Be My Valentine? then feels rather pure, innocent and uncomplicated but in the best of ways and has a genuinely irresistible feeling that has brought a summery feel to a very cold winter evening as I write this.

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