Hot Juice – What You Gunna Do Now?

Hot Juice - What You Gunna Do Now? - single artworkBack in April Jersey rock ‘n’ rollers Hot Juice continued their strong work from 2019 with single I Don’t Mind but then, it’s probably unsurprising to hear given this year’s prevailing conditions on the island, they went rather quiet.

Now though they are back with another single, with some Slade like ‘phonetic’ spelling in its title, What You Gunna Do?

Continuing in the same vein as their past releases, we are launched into a track that falls somewhere between AC/DC and The White Stripes with a strong indie garage feel merged with loud, brash, rock ‘n’ roll and all underpinned by a particularly huge bass sound.

Lyrically they manage to say a lot with just a few words while the layered guitars add an extra musical depth and, while there’s nothing hugely flashy going on here, it gets in, makes its point and then gets out before you’ve had a chance to catch your breath.

Hot Juice live at the Blue Note
Hot Juice live at the Blue Note

With an energy that I think should get crowds moving once they can get back on stage again, Hot Juice continue their uncomplicated approach with What You Gunna Do Now? and have clearly worked out exactly what they want to do and are continuing to follow that path.

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