Les Futiles – Black Heart EP

Les Futiles - Black Heart EP - art workAs long as I have been writing about new music, and specifically new music from the Channel Islands, there has been a group of musicians based in the London indie scene strongly linked to Guernsey, primarily amongst them Jim Rhesus but with a few others too.

Over the years, from the Subliminal Girls at the Vale Earth Fair to The French Electric at the Jamaica Inn and Inevitable Pinhole Burns at The Fermain Tavern, I’ve had a chance to see a few of these bands live while they have released a string of singles and EPs to greater or lesser fanfare and now, we have the latest, a two track EP, Black Heart by Les Futiles.

Formed in 2018 and with another EP already under their belt, Les Futiles are comprised of Paul Killengray (vocals), Shona MacMillan (lead guitar), Rhesus (rhythm guitar), Ali Ahmed (drums) and Rob Good (bass).

The title track starts things off with a bass riff straight out of the early 80s post punk era and as soon as you hear it you know exactly what you’re getting.

Les Futiles - band shot 2019
Les Futiles

It builds from there into a brooding and intense sort of love song before taking in a more frantic feel that allows the guitars to come to the fore and is genuinely evocative with it.

The ‘b-side’, Eggshells, meanwhile kicks off in more garage-y fashion with the guitars front and centre out of the gate.

While the lyrical subject feels like something of a continuation of the opener, musically this is a far more driven piece of a work with a grungier kind of indie feel, along with the hints at post punk, that gives it a far more rowdy feel.

The production on both tracks is well done with a nice lo-fi hint that really suits Les Futiles style, while the extra backing vocals from guitarist MacMillan give the whole thing a slightly different sound from the potential norm.

While they may not have an entirely original sound, Black Heart by Les Futiles contains a pair of tracks that, if genuinely indie music radio is still a thing, should be on heavy rotation and if post punk and British indie are your thing should go down a treat.

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