Hot Juice – I Don’t Mind

Hot Juice - I Don't Mind - single artworkContinuing a run of new singles from Channel Islands artists dropping at the moment is Jersey rockers Hot Juice with I Don’t Mind, following up on their EP from December, This Is What You Want.

As the track kicks off with the sound of a live crowd it sets the scene for what the band are trying to achieve and, while the live feel doesn’t make it through the whole track, it shows an element of what the band’s sound is most naturally suited to.

From there this has a heavier tone than their past releases, though keeping the same kind of classic hard rocking template but with something more of a DIY feel and, with that, an even more energetic feel making it something that should really connect with an audience.

While the track is brief in duration it manages, even more so than their past releases, to fit in everything you could want from hooky choruses to guitar solos and feels more complete with this than any of their tracks to date.

Hot Juice
Hot Juice, (l-r) Tay Broski, Shay Barker, Harvey Dellar

If I had any criticism of I Don’t Mind it would be that the vocal delivery feels a little forced and not as free flowing as it might and that, while it’s a good song on its own terms, it doesn’t do anything particularly new with an already well trodden sound.

In that though it continues to firmly reenforce the sound and style Hot Juice and going for and that’s live, energetic, hard rocking rock ‘n’ roll… and what’s not to like about that.

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