December 2019 and Best of 2019 Playlists

December 2019 playlist montageAs with last year’s December playlist blog I’ve got two in one this month with my usual monthly update and a more focussed ‘best of the year’ including some of my favourite new tracks from 2019 (you can also find one focussing on music from the Channel Islands on my review of the year blog by clicking here).

For this month I’ve got tracks from Tiger Army and The Nightmares after their show in London and PigsX7 after their visit to Guernsey.

There’s new music from IDLES with the live version of Colossus from their Live At Bataclan album, Escape Plan from Mobina Galore and Ladykiller from Coastal Fire Dept’s debut, Control.

You can find the playlist on Spotify by clicking here, or its embedded below


And one I would have included if it were on Spotify, from Brunt’s new album Ataraxy this is Light Of The Mire:

Year playlist

Best of 2019 playlist montageAfter the mammoth list of stuff I’ve generally been listening too this year, here’s a more focussed best of 2019.

The only criteria is its stuff that’s struck me that was released this year in no particular order, other than maybe the first track from Fontaines DC’s album Dogrel which was, as much as I can ever decide that kind of thing, my record of the year.

Anyways, here’s the list with the Spotify playlist embedded below or you can get to it by clicking here…

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