Hot Juice – This Is What You Want

Hot Juice - This Is What You Want - album coverBack in September Jersey rockers Hot Juice released the single Small Town Blues, followed not long after by the full record This Is What You Want.

Clocking in at only 23 minutes the trio (vocalist/guitarist Shay Barker, drummer Harvey Dellar and bass player Tay Broksi) don’t mess about and get straight to the point on opener Can I Change Your Mind? with blues rock guitars and a great groove setting the template for what’s to come.

Across the rest of the record then they throw in hints of the psychedelic and some indie references too all delivered with the kind of confident swagger required of a rock frontman and band of this ilk.

Debauchery brings a bit of extra darkness to proceedings while Just A Little Bit brings out the indie vibes, though this is where the band sound least confident.

The record is rounded off by It Is What It Is which, at four and a half minutes, is the album’s longest track and shows the band trying to find something of a deeper sound with an extended instrumental outro where the classic rock guitar sound becomes the star of the piece, but again with the necessary tight groove backing it.

Hot Juice live at the Blue Note
Hot Juice live at the Blue Note

While that feels like the end of the record there is then a live track, What You Gunna Do Now? that unfortunately gets lost in its own mix somewhat and leaves the album finishing on something of a flat note.

Across the rest of the record though the production is super tight (in some ways a little too much for my tastes) and it hints at the energy and swagger the band must have live, making This Is What You Want maybe not perfect but still a great example of a band setting out their stall for their own brand of rock that seems to be making waves on their local scene.

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