Track Not Found – Everyone Hates Track Not Found (single)

Everyone Hates Track Not Found - cover artworkIt’s been nearly a year and half since Track Not Found released any new recordings, the Science (Gone Wrong) single that marked Record Store Day 2018 following their debut EP The Only Way Is Lost, but now they are back with a new single, the maybe ironically titled Everyone Hates Track Not Found.

Despite the lack of recordings the band haven’t been quiet as they’ve gigged relentlessly both around their home island of Guernsey and with a few tours and trips to the UK that has seen them build a following and attract record label interest.

It’s also seen them develop what feels like a second generation of songs that have built on their punky, riotgrrl roots creating a greater sense of identity for the band and Everyone Hates… has become a cornerstone of this.

Track Not Found
Track Not Found

Starting with a bassy rumble and sharp guitar contrast that hint at their always intriguing darker side it’s not long before Grace Tayler’s voice comes raging in combining a feral aspect with a youthful sweetness that is unique and in many ways sums up not just the band’s outlook, but this track’s in particular.

While at first, given their popularity on Guernsey’s music scene, the title seems ironic, on closer listening it actually seems more like a direct response to the many others who don’t seem to get what it is the band are doing — something highlighted by the brilliantly divisive response they get at more mainstream gigs where some love what they hear and others don’t seem able to fathom the apparent dichotomy (in their eyes) of teenage girls playing angry, shouty, punk rock and therefore entirely missing the point.

Track Not Found - promo October 2019
Track Not Found in October 2019, (l-r) Maisie Bisson and Grace Tayler

Along with this it has a more universal outlook as well, encapsulating something of the confusion and angst of being a teenager somewhat at odds with the world around you (something that, lets be honest, appeals to some of us far beyond the teenage years) and it ultimately has an amazingly liberating ‘DILLIGAF’ type message.

The semi-live recording, made at Guernsey’s much renowned music venue The Fermain Tavern over a rushed weekend, fits this perfectly capturing a raw sound that sums up the band excellently while the single as a whole captures the spirit of Track Not Found’s ‘second wave’ brilliantly — now bring on the third!

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