Elliot Falla And The Blue Valentines – So Easy

Elliot Falla And The Blue Valentines - So Easy - single artworkIt’s been a couple of years since I had a close look at anything by Guernsey born singer songwriter Elliot Falla, but that isn’t because he’s been keeping quiet.

Quite the contrary… after his debut EP Screaming At The Sky and regular gigs in Guernsey he made the move to Brighton where he’s not only been studying music but has formed a band, The Blue Valentines and been busy gigging and making a string of singles, the latest being So Easy.

The track starts off strong and continues that way as the four piece band take something of classic blues and add a modern twist, both in terms of modern rock power and crisp production.

While Falla undeniably leads the charge with a vocal style that combines elements of the current crop of young, male singer-songwriters with a bit of Tom Waits and something his own it’s great to hear him now backed by a solid band who help drive the strength in performance that was only hinted at in the past.

Elliot Falla And The Blue Valentines
Elliot Falla And The Blue Valentines

While it’s probably nothing groundbreaking So Easy does include a lot to pique the interest and shows a real development for Falla both in terms of songwriting and performance.

Along with the single is a video that does a great job of introducing the band in moody black and white, fitting the tone of the track very nicely.

With a UK tour coming up in the coming weeks and months it feels like Elliot Falla & The Blue Valentines could be on the verge of beginning to make a slightly larger splash.

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