Playlist – February 2019

Playlist - February 2019 montageOf all my monthly playlists so far this one feels possibly the most varied, spanning everything from first wave black metal to a brand new, self-released debut country EP.

A few particular highlights comes with Mastodon’s Blood And Thunder as I experienced live at the end of January when I caught the band at Brixton along with Mutoid Man and Kvelertak.

Bathory appear following some inspiration from Andrew O’Neill’s A History of Heavy Metal book, while both Dan Ashplant and Lord Vapour featured on my latest BBC Music Introducing radio show, oh, and Dislocated, the new single from The Wildhearts.

Anyway, here’s this month’s list with the link to the full playlist for this year on Spotify below, and if you scroll further down a bonus track…


  • Mastodon – Blood & Thunder (from Leviathan)

  • Stray Cats – Rumble In Brighton (from their self-titled debut)

  • Weezer – In The Garage (from ‘The Blue Album’)

  • Therapy? – Screamager (from Troublegum)

  • Bathory – Woman Of Dark Desires (from Under The Sign Of The Black Mark)

  • Lord Vapour – The Spice (from Semuta)

  • Dan Ashplant – King Of The Country Road (from the EP of the same name)

  • The Wildhearts – Dislocated (lead single from new album Renaissance Men)

  • My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Ok (I Promise) (from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)

  • The Recks – In The Garden (from The Beast From The Sea)

And here’s the bonus track, from Weezer’s new covers record ‘The Teal Album‘, this is the video for their version of A-Ha’s 80s classic, Take On Me:

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