The Limit Club – Kid Bitchin’

The Limit Club - Kid Bitchin' - album coverA couple of months ago I posted a review of, Painless, the new single from The Limit Club – now Nick Feratu and his band of Arizona misfits have dropped their new full album, Kid Bitchin’.

Having originally formed in 2005, The Limit Club (named, rather tellingly, after a song by The Damned) have released three full length albums and an EP before now as well as touring extensively from the South West US to nationwide and to Europe (including slots supporting Tiger Army amongst others).

In that time there have been a few changes of personnel but guitarist and vocalist Nick Feratu has always been there with double bass player and singer NickDave since 2008 and more recent additions Niko J on drums and Miranda Duffy on guitar and backing vocals.

It’s clear from the start that Kid Bitchin’ presents the band in far more focused fashion.

Recorded in San Diego and Tempe by fellow psychobilly enthusiasts and mastered by Rene De La Muerte of Nekromantix, the sound is instantly the most complete the band have created while still retaining something of their DIY punk edge that is the balance for the best punk rock.

The Limit Club - 2018
The Limit Club (l-r Lara, Feratu, Meza, Duffy)

Across the record Feratu and NickDave share lead vocals giving some great contrasts in style from Dave Vanian-esque crooning to more insistent punk rock styles, with Duffy’s backing vocal just adding to the depth.

While it’s all still firmly rooted in the dark wave and goth tinged psychobilly that has made the band’s name there is more of a focus on the rockabilly inspired sound, particularly from the upright bass and Niko’s drumming style (they play standing up, echoing that old Stray Cat Slim Jim Phantom amongst others).

Added to this the guitars span punk rock thrashing to surf twang, echoing in a way Tiger Army’s recent Dark Paradise EP and having two leads to some great joined up playing, though thankfully not quite in the Judas Priest twin guitar style.

While thematically things might be on the darker side with the goth and psycho tendencies very present, something about the music gives it an upbeat and positive feel.

The Limit Club - live 2018
The Limit Club (live 2018)

In this way there are moments that remind me of the likes of The Damned’s Grimly Fiendish and the band manage to balance a sense of fun, both in content and performance, with punk rock edge very nicely.

Kid Bitchin’ then feels like a band taking a step up not just in terms of quality of sound but in accessible and cohesive songwriting, without losing what made them what they are in the first place.

While being a psychobilly band means they probably aren’t ever going to be bothering the pop charts (sadly), if there’s any justice in the world Kid Bitchin’ should see The Limit Club take a further step up in the punk rock world.

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